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327 W. Main St., Durham, NC

Company Information

Our software makes a difference. SciMed Solutions has spent the last 14 years building software for many different types of science and research. We support world-class scientists who do world-changing research. They are making actual improvements to AIDS vaccines. They are producing food crops that are more drought resistant. They are investing in our future and change the world for the better.

Why We're Here
SciMed is committed to developing software to serve the greatest minds, increase our employees’ confidence and security, and improve the world by  empowering our customers.

What We Care About
At SciMed, we value:

  1. Transformation: Creating real and lasting change through our work to positively affect the greater good
  2. Collaboration: Working together with our colleagues and clients to produce innovative products and advance our clients’ missions
  3. Growth: Maintaining and building a satisfying and engaging work environment to allow our employees to develop their careers, hone their skills, and engage in continuous learning
  4. Ingenuity: Creatively solving problems through easy to use products that help our clients to exceed their goals
  5. Reliability: Providing dedicated, devoted, and dependable assistance to our clients, our employees, and our co-workers
  6. Sustainability: Using forward thinking strategies to implement a long-range vision of success for our clients, employees, and community